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Your Story 

We each have our own unique story; an intrinsic sense of who we are, where we've been, and where we are going.  But sometimes, the way we feel about ourselves in the present doesn't align with what we have learned about ourselves so far. We may be caught in a tangle of unwanted thoughts or emotions.  Or maybe we find ourselves falling into old habits, repeating patterns, or making choices that we don't understand.  


I believe that we each know ourselves best, but often it can be difficult to identify or name the areas that are causing us distress, or holding us back.  When we tell our story in the presence of an empathic witness, a special type of space is created; a dynamic space that allows for intuitive exploration, creative examination, and compassionate reflection.   


My approach to therapy is supportive and collaborative.  As we talk, we will work towards a deep understanding of you and your experience.  We will look at your narrative and consider the ways that it has shaped your understanding of yourself and those around you.  I believe that we are all striving towards a sense of happiness and well-being, doing the best we can with the methods we have learned.  Therapy provides a unique opportunity to connect with ourselves and to explore the ways in which we seek to connect with both our inner and outer worlds.  



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