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My Approach 


As a relational therapist, I believe that the things that cause us distress are not the result of something that is wrong, or lacking, deep within ourselves. Instead, the way we feel on the inside is rooted in our experience of being in, or out, of connection with ourselves and with others.  To learn more about relational psychotherapy click here.

We all hold beliefs about ourselves, about others, and the way the world works.  Sometimes these beliefs have been a part of us for so long that they remain hidden from our immediate awareness.  In therapy we explore how these beliefs inform the way we engage with the world, influence the relationships we form, and colour the choices we make.  A deeper understanding of ourselves allows us to examine our beliefs, and choices, and to decide what is working for us and what we would like to change.  

There are many reasons that you might be curious about therapy.  Maybe the reasons feel clear and you know exactly where you want to begin.  Or maybe the reasons are hard to detect and difficult to articulate.  Perhaps you are overwhelmed with feelings such as anxiety, depression, isolation, grief, shame, anger or fear.  Or maybe you are struggling with a difficult situation, dealing with loss, addiction, a ruptured relationship, challenges at work or trouble at home.  Or maybe you don't know why you feel off, but you have a sense of longing and the desire for something new.  

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